A highlight of Total Energy is the arrival of our WOW equipment

We design a rota to ensure all of our venues during Summer get to experience a variety of WOW equipment.

Here is a list of our touring WOW;

The Beast – Our 40-foot inflatable assault course.

The Green Goblin – The Beasts smaller but still mighty brother!

Bouncy Castles – We have a variety of super fun bouncy castles for kids to burn off some energy.

Kin Ball – A super popular sport played in America, think huge dodgeballs!!

Nerf Games – Battle the coaches and become the ultimate Nerf Champion.

Scooters – Children love to whiz our on the scooters, racing each other.

Karaoke – Who doesn’t love a good sing and dance!!



If you join one of our Total Energy Clubs, you will most likely come across our 40-foot inflatable assault course A.K.A ‘The Beast’


Ever fantasised over being the next Robin Hood or Legolas? 

Well with our Archery equipment, we can make your dreams come true! (kind of).

We will set the targets out and give kids the chance to test their aim with a bow and arrow, but don’t worry! The arrows have safe ended rubber sucker tips, so there is no risk at hand. 

Kin Ball!!!

A highly sport played over in America, children love the games we set up with Kin Ball!! Can you keep a giant dodgeball balloon in the air, dodge under it and knock another team out!!


Let’s Bounce!

Who doesn’t love a good bouncy castle? If you think THE BEAST might be a bit much for your little ones, then let them go nuts on our slightly smaller bouncy castle, equipped with an amazing inflatable slide! 

The Green Goblin

If you join one of our Total Energy Clubs, you will most likely come across our 42-foot inflatable assault course A.K.A ‘The Green Goblin’. If that doesn’t tempt you, then nothing will!


Fun strategic games which children love to play whilst helping to promote team building skills!

Can’t speak more highly of this holiday club. My son loves it, lots of activities, great venue and staff highly recommend. We will be using again for future holidays.


Great sport teachers. They are fab while teaching PE in schools and fab at running the holiday club. I don’t even need childcare throughout the holiday but have paid for it several times as my son just loves attending. All the staff are very friendly and brilliant with the kids.


My little boy really enjoyed Total Sports this summer. I would have no hesitation in using you again.


After 3 weeks of holiday clubs, our little one has enjoyed the first night of Football Academy, he is learning so much and will only get better with the skills shared from all involved.


This is the best thing to come out of this summer, I was a bit doubious about it at first wondering if my son would enjoy it but he absolutely loved it. So much that he wanted to go back again and again. Staff brilliant, we will be coming back again in the next holidays.