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What are the Total Sports Football Academy Talent Centres?

Talent Centres are all about Friday nights, where improving your potential is the aim of the game. It’s about enjoying your football and improving all elements of your game with the use of various intricate challenges, drills and small sided games. Players who impress our highly qualified coaches will be invited to join our Elite & Gifted squad, which provides fantastic connections with York & District School Boys and numerous professional football academies. 

Who is welcome at Talent Centres? 

Friday night football is open to all players of all abilities from school years 1 to 7. Whether you play on a weekend or are just starting out, get involved and we promise to improve your game! Players are split into three different age groups (School years 1 & 2, 3 & 4 and 5, 6 & 7) playing on as many different pitches. Players can move up and down age groups based on where they feel more comfortable training – if it is agreed with our coaches first. 

Anyone that knows Total Sports know that we have and always will be all about ‘bringing out the best in children’ no matter what. This will never change and we do this through so many of our lessons, after school clubs, holiday clubs and weekend clubs. Talent centres like these fulfill the Academy’s aim is to ‘bring out the best in gifted young footballers’ and give them the chance to demonstrate their talent where possible and send them on to the next level.

Week-by-week bookings at just £6 per session here!

Meet our Friday night team! 

We have excellent team of coaches, who all work in Primary Schools around York, meaning it is quite likely your children have come across us before! See who will be taking the sessions with the players every Friday… 

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