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T.S.F.A Elite and Gifted Squad

What is the pathway to the top?

We have an amazing pathway for our super footballers that links TSFA to The York & District School Boys Football Association, an amazing Scouting system from professional clubs and a chance to show case and develop your talent.  It starts from playing for your school, to being selected for trials at York School Boys (starts in Year 6) and then being watched by professional clubs who go to the school boys matches – as that is where the considered best players in each city are playing one another.  Total Sports Football Academy runs alongside this to bring many of York & Districts most talented players together to train on a weekly basis.

Why are you starting Elite & Gifted from U7’s when they do not have an U7’s-U10’s York School Boys Team?

After consultation with York & District School Boys we agreed that starting younger and bringing these gifted players together gave them the best chance to excel and develop.  The TSFA Elite & Gifted is through invite only.  We aim to bring gifted players together.  Total Sports aims to give it their all in our coaching and opportunities to be seen beyond our academy.  Professional Clubs who are watching U11’s will be invited to our Gifted and Talented sessions for our younger age groups.

Do I have to attend TSFA to play for York & District School Boys in the future?

Absolutely not.  That is based upon trials and is completely based upon merit at those trials.  We do feel that bringing the best players together and through working in partnership with York School Boys that being part of the TSFA Gifted squad gives you the best foundation, as you are working with young players who are at a similarly gifted level.