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The Total Sports Philosophy: 

The Total Sports Philosophy focuses on bringing out the best in Primary Children through the power of sport and activity. Our focus is on the inspiring use of: Sports Funding Work – Our 15 choice sports menu allows you to build a learning experience that is PERSONAL to your school and PPA – We have been covering PPA through delivering National Curriculum PE to a very high level since 2007. Total Sports focuses on using our profession to challenge children to develop the Key Values and Life Skills Through Sport from a really young age. We believe the Strong Values and Life Skills are the foundation of children succeeding as they grow.

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“Total Sports have been a great addition to our school, As our two schools amalgamate we will continue to use Total Sports as we have done for the previous four years.”

Mr Sutherland, Headteacher

“Excellent lessons. Great extended schools provision and our costs have been reduced too.”

Janet Wardell, Headteacher

“I have peace of mind knowing that during PPA time, our children receive high quality PE teaching, that reach the high standards we set throughout our school.”

Estelle O’Hara, Headteacher

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