PE & Primary School Sport CPD

Total Sports have been providing learning opportunities for teachers and all staff working in around schools in York and North Yorkshire for over ten years. Over these years we have provided all day and twilight sessions training courses, mentoring, co-coaching and much more.

Often as part of the Primary PE and Sport Premium, these courses will ensure all staff have the knowledge, skills and confidence to offer informative and enjoyable learning through Sport.

CPD could include inset day support, training days in a central venue & teacher training within the curriculum.

Contact us on the form or call 03444 14 13 13 for more information and to arrange a meeting with one of the team to discuss our CPD offerings.

The Two Week Cycle


One of the most successful use of Total Sport is the CPD support we bring to your teachers through our unique
“Two Week Cycle” An ideal mix of on the job learning for teachers and active intervention for pupils.

Why Total Sports?

What makes us different? We are teachers at heart. Oliver Holliday was Head of PE before Total Sports, Chris Ellis was a Primary School Teacher for 20 years before joining our team. We know schools. We cater for schools.

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CPD Is Bi-Weekly. Weeks are split into A & B weeks and changes every week.

Week A – CPD

+Coach always takes the lesson
+Class teacher observes and helps to a degree
+This is repeated in their own PE lesson during week B. They repeat content, take the skill further, differentiate the lessons and grow in confidence.
+ Children also get a second chance to go through what they have learnt which they love helps improve their understanding.

Week B – Targeted Intervention Week

+Learn, Practice, Improve (LPI)
Children get a chance to be part of a specific, selected group.
+Learning is very targeted and specific
+Impact is very high
+Choose hourly interventions from :
COMPETITION CHILDREN Pupils often need time to try the activity properly to do their best. Your teams will do better as a result.
NURTURE GROUPS Positive behaviour interventions. Confidence building. Respect Building. You will see a difference in your pupils.
SEND GROUPS Smaller groups in a safe environment makes for a positive experience.
GIFTED AND TALENTED Allow children to flourish in what they love
SPECIFIC GROUPS No matter what needs you identify, our programmes will have a high impact

The two week cycle is about building confidence and character, just as much as it is skills. This is just one example of how we provide CPD in schools however we work with all our schools to provide a bespoke service that fits into your needs.