Primary PE CPD

Total Sports have been providing learning opportunities for teachers and all staff working in around schools in York and North Yorkshire for over 17 years. Over these years we have provided all day primary PE team teaching sessions, twilight training courses, mentoring, co-coaching, school networking events and much more.

As part of our CPD offering, our qualified coaching team working alongside your staff members and develop their confidence and competency with delivering the full PE curriculum. Following a set structured programme, staff work with our team over a set period of time decided by the school, initially observing our team deliver sessions, we gradually hand over parts of lessons whilst observing and providing feedback. The end goal is for you staff to deliver a full PE session or block of work with our team observing and providing structured next steps which teachers can work on. We deliver the CPD programme across the full year so staff develop confidence with the full curriculum.

As part of our CPD package, we organise regular training events for your school and also provide opportunities for staff to go to other local schools to observe excellent PE curriculums. The primary aim of our CPD support is to up skill your staff in a way which suits their confidence with PE and to a timescale which suits the schools demands. Our team love seeing your staff grow and develop their confidence in PE with you, your school and children benefiting as a result!

Contact us on the form or call 03444 14 13 13 for more information and to arrange a meeting with one of the team to discuss our CPD offerings.

Why Choose Total Sports CPD Support?

  • With qualified experienced teachers at heart with over 40+ years worth of schools experience we understand how to support your staff. Our management staff have all taught in primary, secondary and private schools, delivering PE to children aged 4-16, we understand what a brilliant PE lessons looks like and how to impart this knowledge to your staff.
  • Teaching in 40+ schools every week and with a brilliant reputation over the past 17 years, our coaches have fantastic experience with a variety of school settings. We know how to get the best from your children and how to plan and deliver lessons which suit all needs. Our coaches work from set Ofsted approved planning which takes children from initial skill introduction and learning to putting skills to the test in game situations, all with core skills such as resilience, team work and empathy at heart. Our team are able to support your staff with planning, how to progress lessons for all abilities and how to deliver excellent enriching PE sessions.
  • We tailor our support to your schools needs; we know that a one size fits all approach doesn’t work!! Our CPD approach is bespoke to your school and staff. We are happy to implement our structured CPD programme across a full year, a term or even a number of afternoons a half term; you choose!!
  • As part of our CPD support your school also receive access to our competitions calendar! Competitions are a key part of further fostering a love for sport outside of the classroom and our competitions provide the perfect opportunities to engage with friendly competitions such as netball, parachute games, dodgeball, zone ball, beachball, girls football and much more!!!
  • Access to our network of schools to share best practice and observe other schools excellent PE curriculums
  • Regular staff meetings which are bespoke to your school; these are for the full school and provide an opportunity for staff to come together to watch excellent sessions being delivered, discuss PE topics and to plan future sessions.
  • Utilise your sports premium money to fund our CPD support.

An example of how we run our CPD service in a York based primary is detailed below. Our CPD offering is diverse and bespoke to your school and ensures teachers get to experience the delivery of the full curriculum.

CPD Is Bi-Weekly. Weeks are split into A & B weeks and changes every week.

Week A – CPD

+Coach always takes the lesson
+Class teacher observes and helps to a degree
+This is repeated in their own PE lesson during week B. They repeat content, take the skill further, differentiate the lessons and grow in confidence.
+ Children also get a second chance to go through what they have learnt which they love helps improve their understanding.

Week B – Targeted Intervention Week

+Learn, Practice, Improve (LPI)
Children get a chance to be part of a specific, selected group.
+Learning is very targeted and specific
+Impact is very high
+Choose hourly interventions from :
COMPETITION CHILDREN Pupils often need time to try the activity properly to do their best. Your teams will do better as a result.
NURTURE GROUPS Positive behaviour interventions. Confidence building. Respect Building. You will see a difference in your pupils.
SEND GROUPS Smaller groups in a safe environment makes for a positive experience.
GIFTED AND TALENTED Allow children to flourish in what they love
SPECIFIC GROUPS No matter what needs you identify, our programmes will have a high impact

The two week cycle is about building confidence and character, just as much as it is skills. This is just one example of how we provide CPD in schools however we work with all our schools to provide a bespoke service that fits into your needs.