Total Sports Football Academy Timetable

If you want to join any of our football courses, just book online.  You are welcome to join any football course you wish.

The Elite & Gifted Squads do require an invite but do contact us if you feel this is the right course for you.

FIRST KICKS FOOTBALL – Football for beginners, learning the basics of the game. Designed for children to have their first taste of football with the main emphasis on having lots of fun with friends.

ELITE & GIFTED – These sessions are for the best primary school talent across York, designed to further enhance your child’s ability with the support of UEFA and FA qualified coaches. Children will have opportunities to showcase their skills in matches against local clubs!

FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTY – Simply games games games. Children who simply want to enjoy games of football after a week at school, mini World Cup, Champions League and Premier League Tournaments; prizes for the winners!

We hope this helps.  Get your children involved.  Get them doing something structured.  Team sports are great for character building 🙂