As soon as we saw this course we booked in.  James goes to lots of Total Sports activities and they are so encouraging.  He goes to football practice at school but isn’t in a team out of school.  This is just what we were looking for !


My 7 year old is at a club but he’s not the strongest player in the team.  He knows this and is fine with it, but the extra skills training will make such a difference for his confidence as well as his football.  They’re a great bunch.


After our Son went to the holiday clubs to do football he got the bug.  The staff are so friendly, positive and encouraging.  Archie hasn’t played for a team before and part of that is confidence.  This is the perfect stepping stone and he can’t wait to go!


Toby loves total sports, but isn’t ready for a club yet.  This is perfect.  Thank you Total Sports!


My little boy really enjoyed Total Sports this summer. I would have no hesitation in using you again.


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