The primary aim for Total Sports is to bring out the best in children and to be active for life. This means building on our work with children and inspiring them to love sport and activity at school, at home and in their community.

Chances are, if your child goes to a school in our area they will know Total Sports, which is one of the many reasons why our holiday clubs and evening and weekend clubs are very popular. More often than not, our coaches who teach your child during the week, will be there in the holiday club.

Total Sports have been running for ten years now and have become a firm favourites with schools, children and parents – every week we teach 15,000 children across venues in York, North Yorkshire and East riding.

Information for Schools

“Try to be the best you, you can be”

Total Sports provide a wide range of services to schools, not just supporting you in after school classes and working together to provide weekend and holiday clubs. Here at Total Sports we believe we can be your one stop shop to all your sporting needs including CPD Courses, Girls football tournaments, PPA, Supply and much more.


“Rain or Shine, guaranteed fun at our Out of School Clubs”

Total Sports run courses that bring out the best in children to build the foundations for success. Our courses include pre-school foundation builders, holiday clubs, active evening clubs and our football academy. Whichever one your children are at, we aim to improve them to the next level in skills and values.

“It’s not the actual act of sport and activity that really matters. It’s how it makes you feel, act and keep trying to be the best you, that you can be.”

Ollie Holliday, Managing Director, Total Sports Limited

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