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Build in some WOW to your school activities to make an inspired and new change to your school. A great way to utilize your P.E funds and have long term impact and variety.

Our 15 Course Menu Includes:

 KS1 – A Total Story:  Each lesson has a theme that inspires the children to use their imagination whilst learning the skills of the National Curriculum PE. A great resource for you as teachers to use for years to come. 

Archery – Our super archery sets are perfect for Primary School children. A new skill and a new sport. With plungers, instead of sharp points on the end. 

Parachute Games Builder – A 6 week programme of games that are very active, challenging and super engaging. Everyone leaves wanting more and it’s a great resource for your teachers to use.

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“Total Sports have been a great addition to our school, As our two schools amalgamate we will continue to use Total Sports as we have done for the previous four years.”

Mr Sutherland, Headteacher

“Excellent lessons. Great extended schools provision and our costs have been reduced too.”

Janet Wardell, Headteacher

“I have peace of mind knowing that during PPA time, our children receive high quality PE teaching, that reach the high standards we set throughout our school.”

Estelle O’Hara, Headteacher

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