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Football for Dad’s every Friday night!

DAD’S FOOTBALL is 5pm – 6pm every Friday during term time.  

Dad’s Football 6-aside meet up every Friday at Play Football / Roko, York, where you get involved in a good competitive kick around, at an appropriate level.

Who’s invited? 

ANYONE!  We generally seem to be in the age range of 35 – 55 but anyone can come. 

Most of didn’t know anyone else when we started so just come a long – you would be more than welcome.

HOW TO JOIN ? email us an ask to join the dad’s football wattsapp group.  We will add you

DO I HAVE TO PLAY EVERY WEEK ? Nope.  Just when you can.  It might be once in a blue moon or every week.  We just message on our wattsapp group.  If there’s enough availailable then we play.  If not, we see the next week.  We play most weeks though.

HOW MUCH ? £6 – pay on arrival.

We would love to see anyone new and it’s been great to get to know a few other men in the region too.

Dad’s Football – EVERY FRIDAY 5pm – 6pm.

come as often or as little as works for you.

Where? When? Prices? How ? 

  • Location: Play Football / Roko, Stirling Rd, York YO30 4TU
  • Times: Games will be an hour long from 5:00-6:00pm every Friday night in term time
  • Prices: £6 per day
  • Email us and ask to join our wattsapp group – if you can play that week then great,  If not that’s fine too.

Payments are taken at the venue…

so let us know you are coming by joining the wattsapp group and then come along and play

Questions? Get in touch today

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